Gallery 33

Gallery 33

Discover the beauty of contemporary art in the heart of Varna, Bulgaria

About us

About us

Gallery 33 is the newest gallery located in the heart of Varna, opening its doors on March 3, 2024. It is situated in the old part of the city at 2A Gabrovo Street, in a beautiful building from the early 20th century.

Gallery 33 is the newest gallery in the heart of Varna. It opens its doors on March 3, 2024. After years of experience, the founders of the gallery decided to create their own space for modern and contemporary art. It is located in the central old part of Varna at 2A Gabrovo Street, in a beautiful building from the beginning of the last century.

Through periodic exhibitions, both original and from our collection, the gallery aims to be a dynamic space connecting established artists with emerging ones. It does not limit itself regarding the forms presented, including everything from painting to sculpture.

The name of the gallery is a combination of the birth dates of its two founders and symbolically describes their main goal, namely to establish the connection between artists, collectors, and the public. Three aspects without which art itself would be impossible.
About us
About us
Gallery 33 aims to present established Bulgarian and international artists, expanding the view on art through exhibitions, discussions, and all planned activities, making it accessible to collectors and the general public.

The gallery has its own collection, which is constantly evolving, currently comprising around 300 works. The collection represents a harmonious combination of works by old masters, modern painters and sculptors, and contemporary artists.
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“Галерия 33“ е най-новата галерия в сърцето на Варна. Тя отваря врати на 3 март 2024 г. Основателите на галерията, след години опит, решават да създадат свое пространство за модерно и съвременно изкуство. Галерията се намира в централата стара част на Варна на ул. “Габрово” 2А, в прекрасна сграда от началото на миналия век.


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